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December 11, 2015

We purchased a 2015 Swarovski Christmas Star and it arrived in a torn box. We take pride in collecting these stars and the boxes are just as important as the content. Customer service wanted us to take pictures of the box before they would send me a new star in a good box. I offered to send the item back at my expense and have them send me a new order, but no they wanted a picture....I also asked to have a good box sent and I would return the torn box and her reply was, " well then someone else will have a torn box"!!!!!!!!!!!!!r to that stupid statement was if you took pride in your merchandise and company name this item should have not been shipped to a customer . Done with this company

December 29, 2015

I really enjoyed shopping on theshop. They have a clear and neat website and it is easy to find the item you are searching for.

January 16, 2016

I currently live in ity, and have completed several orders with them. Everything I have ordered has arrived within the stablished time window and in perfect conditions. Also, I have a relative living @ NYC, and since theshop is in Brooklyn, everything arrives quickly and without hassle. I say they have excellent customer service, not only because all the things I stated above. ecause of an experience I had where an item was not available, they sent me an email notifying the shortage and that they would send before the available parts of my order, and that they would send the missing one by X date and the arrival would be by X day. And they delivered... Kudos, my friends...,"1

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