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May 20, 2015

Not sure why the reviews for theshop are so mixed--they do sell everything from lower end to luxury timepieces, so naturally it is going to be hard to please every customer. Admittedly, I myself was a bit nervous ordering a recently released limited edition Hublot watch, but their price could not be beaten (flash sale). The watch was in stock (as advertised), and the purchase went through without a hitch. I paid extra for overnight shipping, and the next day I received the authentic watch, complete with all of the original packaging. On a quality timepiece, I feel comfortable taking a chance on not having the authorized dealer warranty, in exchange for a sizeable savings off the retail price. With this caveat, I have no problem whatsoever recommending theshop to others.

June 16, 2015

Recently made my second purchase of luxury watch from theshop. Good quality and good customer service. Only complain is that it takes a bit long for them to deliver.

November 02, 2015

Very fast shipping with my order I had a very good shop experience, good price,fast delivery and beautiful time piece, thank you theshop

November 04, 2015

BUYERS BEWARE - theshop does not offer a manufacturer's warranty. Not only that, but that information is hidden on their website. A consumer would naturally think that if you looked at the theshop website under "Warranty" you would find that information. They have it cleverly hidden under "Company Info" and then "Authentication Guarantee" which has nothing to do with a warranty. The warranty is directly from theshop. Why is this a problem for the consumer? Three reasons: 1) a manufacturer's warranty provides for repairs, etc. that may not be covered under the theshop warranty (their warranty is not equal to a manufacturer warranty) 2) there is no guarantee that the parts they use are authentic and made for a specific brand (ie: your Cartier watch needs repair and needs parts. Those parts may not be manufactured by Cartier and what guarantee is there on the performance/integrity of the parts of a third party vendor? 3) theshop service technicians cannot in any way be trained to the same level as the repair personnel of a specific brand. Just because someone works on watches, doesn't mean they have the capacity to be an expert or are authorized to work on an individual brand. I would think that Patek Philippe technicians receive much different training that Rolex or Panerai technicians.Because theshop operates in a shady business manner and hide this warranty info in an area other than the "warranty" section of their website, when you find this all out it is too late. Then you want to return the watch you purchased from them and they ding you with a huge restocking fee!AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Bad business practice.

April 16, 2016

I bought a c (order ) for a very special price. I received the product within the stipulated time. I was very pleased. theshop has huge variety of products, security in the purchase and trust in the service. I recommend!

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