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January 16, 2014

Take your business elsewhere! I received 18 Baccarat glasses as a wedding present from a family friend. As my husband and I were moving in the coming months, we didn't want to unwrap/unpack the glasses and risk them breaking so we checked the packaging stickers to make sure they were the correct items and kept them out of harms way. Fast forward and we go to unpack the glasses on our bar cart and find that 1 of the 18 glasses is the wrong style and does not match the rest. I immediately contacted theshop to apologize for and explain about the delay in notifying them of their mistake. I was told because I was past the 30 days policy (which would have been impossible to notify them during because we were on our honeymoon) they would not honor an exchange. I asked to speak to a supervisor because there were extenuating circumstances and we are talking about them sending me a less expensive piece than was paid for and it was due to THEIR mislabeling that the mistake wasn't caught sooner. I spoke to [Name], who was beyond rude and told me that they would not do anything- regardless of my desire to exchange the item for the correct one and to pay for any shipping costs! What would this cost them other than giving me what was actually paid for and correcting a mistake on their part?!?! I was appalled by how rude and obnoxious the customer service supervisor was. I can't believe this business can function with such poor attitudes in leadership positions. the story, the prices may be great but you better hope that everything goes perfectly because once you've paid they do not care about delivering on what they promise.

September 17, 2015

This is the best price I can found online. I'm pretty sure the watch is 100% new, even the package is brand new too. Also the free order delivery was very quick, every step during this purchase is awesome. If you want to buy a watch theshop is the best choice. number is

January 13, 2016

UPS says the watch is delivered...but i haven't received the watch...theshop says the watch is delivered so they cant do much about it...i have to face the loss for no mistake of mine.

August 19, 2016

Fast Delivery. High Quality.Excellent Price.Very satisfied !!# is .

September 06, 2016

I had a great watch and the theshop service is good. I am fully satisfied with the deal

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