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February 23, 2016

I ordered a watch on their web with knowing that I would be backorder for only 1 week. However, they shipped out the watch 7 weeks later without any explanation why it was delayed. I called them several times to try to facilitate the process, but they were extremely rude and impatient. I could not believe any company could be like this terrible. However, this is not the worst. Buy the time they shipped, I received an email surprisingly showing an address that was not mine. I called them asking why, they said I sent an email to have it changed! Yes, I did sent an email and ask IF it was possible to change the address to another, but there was NO any reply! The manager said my question was under conditions, and all the conditions were satisfied,so they just changed it, but without notifying me! Ohat hard to just reply me with a "YES"? I had to end up with paying another 25 bucks to have it reshipped to my place after 7 weeks! What a terrible and ridiculous experience. Don't buy anything from there, unless you want to get treated unfairly and confront rude staff.

August 05, 2016

I'm glad I've found this website, they're super awesome, low price, fast shipping, 10/10 would buy again and surely I will!Order number:

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